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Senior Moving Services: Go beyond moving belongings

Whether you are moving to a smaller home, condo or assisted living apartment, there is much more to the process than merely packing boxes and loading furniture. Leaving familiar surroundings and memories behind, likely combined with the need to get rid of belongings to accommodate your new home can feel m

ore like a loss and less like a new adventure. Did you know that on average most downsizing moves take anywhere from 17-32 fours from start to finish? According to Senior Advisor, below average costs:

Estimated senior service Cost

Single Room Move : $2000 Flat Fee

2-3 Bedroom Move : $2500-$4500 Flat Fee

Downsizing Services : $30 to $40 Per Hour

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with even getting started with preparing to move, and family members may be spread out over the country and unable to assist. For many, it’s a relief to have a senior moving service to help.

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