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Helping Seniors Move

There are a variety of reasons you may be considering a move, including a desire to downsize living space, move closer to friends or family, or gain access to additional support from caregivers. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common housing options for seniors.

Many older adults may decide to move to a new home or apartment if they want to live closer to family members or if they want to transition to

a smaller living space that’s more manageable. New homes or apartments may also provide additional accessibility features, such as single-floor living and walk-in showers, or conveniences like lawn care and landscaping services.

Retirement communities are another popular option for older adults. These communities allow seniors to socialize with their peers, participate in community activities and excursions, and gain access to a social support network outside of their immediate family.

Assisted living communities are designed to help older adults who may need assistance in their day-to-day life, but don’t require the level of medical care a nursing home would provide. Assisted living communities can help with hygiene, dressing, housekeeping, and other tasks and typically provide meals, group activities, and the opportunity for residents to socialize.

The bottom line

The right moves for seniors are often made with ample research and planning. We recommend evaluating your situation carefully, assessing the amenities and support you may require and researching options near you. Once you’ve determined a move is the best choice, use the tips

in this guide to make your move as easy and positive as possible.

Common Housing Options for Seniors:

1. A new home or apartment 2. Retirement Community

3. Assisted Living Community

How to prepare for a move

Here are our top tips to help make sure you’re prepared:

• Start planning now. The best way to prepare for a move is to start planning now. It’s better to start researching your options now before there’s any urgency.

• Research places that are a good fit. A key part of planning involves researching the different types of

houses, apartments, retirement communities, and assisted living communities available and selecting one.


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