About Boomers Transitions

Who We Are

Boomers Transitions is an organization dedicated to easing living transitions for Seniors/Baby Boomers and their families. When Founder and CEO Elton Brown needed to handle a senior relative moving, he noticed how complex the process was, and the lack of a simplified service to handle all aspects of the move.

Thus, Boomers Transitions was born.

We stand by our dedication to those moving and work constantly to ease the transition and handle every aspect of your or your family member’s move, from planning to moving day to resettling in the new space.  

We’re Experts with an Eye for Details

Our experts will work for weeks or even months to be sure to make the move as simple and seamless as possible. We understand that this time can be stressful, not only because of the logistics involved, but because of the massive change in the lives of those moving. Not only will we be with you every step of the move to ease the process, we will recreate your or your relative’s current floor plan in their new space as best we can.

We Give Control Back to Those Moving

We know how difficult a move can be for seniors, especially if it’s to a new residence where they don’t have the same independence as they had before. That’s why we at Boomers Transitions strive to put control back into the hands of those moving. We do everything we can to be sure that the seniors moving have an intimate and tailor-made experience that settles both the persons moving and their families. Rather than feeling forced into a new situation, seniors work with us will take an active role in deciding their futures.

We’re Problem Solvers

Let’s face it. When someone moves, there are going to be issues. Some that we know before, and some that only rear their heads during the move. From photographing the contents of a previous residence and making them viewable to all family members, regardless of their location, to actually placing the home on the market, we make sure that seniors and their families can spend the time preparing themselves for the move, rather than preparing their plans and belongings.

What We Do

Each year, around 5% of seniors will move from their current living situation, and as the 79 million Baby Boomers continue to age, the numbers will continue to grow. Roughly 50% of senior moves are into congregate living communities, including assisted living, independent living, and memory care. In other cases, a senior may move in with an adult child or perhaps a multi-generational building downtown. Wherever the senior is making the move to, it’s important to ensure that they feel in control of the move.

Unfortunately, with the options available, the expense of services, and the logistical nightmare of following through with the move, the process can be overwhelming to them and, by extension, their families.

Boomer Transitions empowers seniors moving by offering specialized and individualized services designed to help ease the transition between living situations. Rather than simply pack and move belongings, we work directly with those moving at every stage. We plan the move, downsize and declutter, pack, move, unpack, and resettle in the new space, all while keeping those moving and their families involved in the process.

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