July 25, 2018

You know when you're getting ready to move, and you think, "This is nothing. I can get it done in two weekends."? Well, you should really stop thinking that way because one thing's for sure: Moving pretty much always takes longer than you think it's going to take. 


Whether you are transitioning to an assisted community, moving to a bigger home, or downsizing to a smaller home, you will not want to find yourself caught off guard. Preparing yourself and carefully planning your move can help reduce stress and anticipate potential obstacles. 


If you are asking yourself how far in advance should you plan your move, it’s always a good idea to plan well in advance of your actual move date. While some people can find movers at the last minute, or even same day movers, this is not the suggested strategy.  

Things to do:


  • Purge. Go through your belongings and sort them by what you will keep, what you’ll sell or donate, and what you plan to toss. If you haven't used an item in the last year, get rid of it. your home. 


  • Take inventory. Compile a detailed list of all your belongings for insurance and planning purposes. It will help you estimate moving costs and the amount of supplies you need. If I  


  • Organize records. Gather your important documents, such as your children's school records and your medical history and put them in a safe place. Call your children's schools and notify the office that you will be moving. If your children will be attending a new school, don’t forget to enroll them. 


  • Pack. It takes movers between 6-10 hours to pack a 3-bedroom house, 8-12 hours to pack a 4-bedroom house, and 10-12 hours to pack a 5-bedroom house. For apartments, a 1 bedroom takes movers 2-4 hours to pack and a 2 bedroom takes movers 3-5 hours to pack. 

  • Packing by yourself takes much longer, starting at least 1 day for a 1-bedroom                apartment and up to 7 days for a 5-bedroom house. 


In the spirit of planning ahead, Boomers Transitions is offering 25% off all services booked in advance at a minimum of 4 weeks prior to service. Considering how stressful and time consuming a move can be, it’s important to plan properly. To discuss what option is best for you, give us a call and one of our team members will be able to walk you through our many options to help make your move less stressful! 




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