Retire From Driving

March 20, 2018

Retire from Driving

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I wanted to touch on a subject that some of my clients have expressed a concern. I know that from personal experience I can also relate to this as well; Driving Safely! Let’s face it, as an everyday driver, you really have to be aware, attentive and defensive to people on the road. There comes a point where we actually need to consider retiring from driving. This could be a tough topic to broach with your aging parent, but I have a solution for you. If you are you worried about your aging loved one driving safely on the road, than you should consider the “Enhanced Self-Assessment Program” this is a tool that has been used by thousands of families across the United States and Canada. It helps guide families and older adults through the stressful and potentially life-threatening issue of when it is time to stop driving.  


Driving is a passage of independence. Think back to when you were a teenager just getting your license and given the ability to drive by yourself, on your own time, wherever you wanted (of course if mom and dad allowed it!). Now, think about having that taken away or needing to give it up due to the natural cycle of aging; it’s tough! If we are lucky, our aging loved ones decide to get out from behind the wheel on their own. But, this is often not the case. Instead, family members worry about their loved one on the road while the older adults insists to drive. A common conflict between not waiting until it’s too late to take action and “taking the keys away”. 


This unique program was developed by an Ohio ex-state trooper, Matt Gurwell, and a team of gerontologists. This program is a self-assessment taken by the older adult and guided one-on-one by a certified BDD (Beyond Driving with Dignity). This assessments takes the older adult on a journey of self-reflective questions to analyze their abilities and skills related to driving. This program GUARANTEE’S dignity and respect while upon completion and after review and under recommendation of the BDD, the older adult is actually the one who makes the final decision. As the program founder Matt Gurwell says, we need to “limit driving, not living.” Time is spent before and after the self-assessment with the family to ensure transportation alternatives are in place and to share the decision.  The goal of this program is a peaceful resolution to this difficult issue while acknowledging and respecting the older adult.


To get more information about this program for your loved one, contact Matt Gurwell, founder of Keeping Us Safe.


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