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February 13, 2018



Hello readers!


I am excited to share that the mission behind Boomers Transitions has been received positively from a handful of local media outlets. Having had a successful interview with Boomers Magazine, I have come to the realization that Senior communities are in need of a senior moving specialist. My clients frequently ask me “what is the difference between a senior moving company and a tradition moving company?” I can clarify this question simply; it’s the specialization in the industry. A senior moving company should have more compassion and patience considering the circumstance. There should be a variety of services considered or included for a senior transition. Transitioning to a new residence after 20 or 40+ years is not something you should do alone. This is one of the reasons that I tailor each transition to exactly what my client is looking to achieve.


Partnering with a senior moving specialist will allow for a seamless and enjoyable experience. Why add more to your plate? 


When its time to transition make the process easy for your parents or grand parents. Hire a Senior Mover (relocation) services. This will allow your loved one to feel more in control and make you feel a lot more at ease. Companies like Boomers Transitions thrive for client satisfaction. 


The ultimate goal that Boomers Transitions wishes to create for each client is the lifting of stress. Whether you have a loved one transitioning or you are transitioning, the process can be stressful with many fine details. We aim to relieve the stress brought on by decluttering, selling your home, packing up, unpacking, locating a facility, getting rid of unwanted items and many other factors. 


Feel free to check out Boomers Transitions interview with Boomers Magazine at this link:  https://www.boomermagazine.com/boomers-transitions/   



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