New Kid on the Block (& Conquering the Insecurities)

January 5, 2018

Owning a small business comes with unlimited stressors and intimidations at every stage of the game, no matter if your business started yesterday or 20 years ago. A huge part of being a successful entrepreneur is finding a way to master the fears and overcome them. Boomer’s Transitions is like nothing I have ever done. I thought about what some of my biggest fears are. After writing down my top 3, I then thought about what I do to overcome each; maybe there will be some readers with whom these resonate: 


Fear #1: The Uncertainty and Riskiness of Working for Myself!

Going in to Boomers Transitions, I was definitely aware that there would be ups and downs. But when you are just getting started, a slow week can be terrifying. The majority of working professionals rely on a steady and reliable pay check. Think about if on your trash day, the garbage men just didn’t come. You would have to pack up all of your trash and find a way to the dump (that is if you don’t want a smelly house). You have to make the adjustments necessary to keep on moving forward. The same goes for those slow weeks. Reminding myself that ebbs and flows are nothing but natural for any company. Two takeaways are, you can’t believe everything that you think & it is important to plan for the unexpected.


Fear #2: Can My Passion Actually Make Me Money?

When pursuing your passion as a new business, there are doubts that creep up along the way. I know that before I executed anything, I made sure that I had statistics and hard evidence that my passion and business idea was actually viable. I regularly still have moments when I wonder if this can really work, if I can really make a living doing this. With so much on the line, I have to remind myself of my hard evidence, business plans, skills and experience. Thoughts are powerful and reminding myself to redirect my thoughts help me to overcome these fearful moments.


Fear #3: The Unknowns

With an early stage business, things change so quickly. You are constantly faced with challenges that you had never anticipated. The possibility of a critical problem arising out of nowhere is what keeps me up at night. From a consumer level, I also keep in mind that there are large percentage of consumers that don’t always jump to the unknown. As a new business, people don’t know who you are. Having a mentor is a huge relief for me. My mentor helps shed insight on what I can expect, what I should worry about, and what I shouldn’t worry about. Surround yourself with people who are at a higher level of successful than you are. These people have been where you are currently and can guide you in the right direction.


By throwing myself back into my business, working tirelessly to ensure that failure never becomes a reality, I get myself out of my head and away from worrying about what I can’t control. I take little failures in stride turning a missed sale into a learning opportunity, and negative feedback into a chance to improve. I am fully aware of the potential that Boomers Transitions holds. I also remind myself that at one point every successful business was new at one point. Multi-billion dollar industries like Apple, Nike, Amazon, McDonalds all started from a decision to pursue an idea that someone believed in.


What are your biggest fears? Tell us how you get past them!



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