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December 15, 2017

When it’s time to transition or move, there are a series of stages that people will go through on an individual level.

The process of transition happens in three phases. For individuals, it begins with a change, or signal that something is different: the loss of a job, a cancer diagnosis, or the death of a parent, for example. Change launches the individual into the first phase of transition: letting go of the way things have been. Individuals then move into an “in-between” zone often characterized by feelings of confusion and frustration. The third phase of transition is when the individual integrates the change into his or her life. This begins when a new routine or status quo has been established. People in transition generally move through these phases like "stop and go", across varying periods of time, rather than progressing smoothly from one phase to the next. In addition, individuals often experience multiple transitions at the same time—making any one of the transitions even more difficult to manage. That being said, changes and the transitions that they initiate also have their bright sides. Transition is a time of opportunity and

growth, because loss creates space for new things.

I would like to remind my readers that you have choices and options when acclimating to life transitions. Your move and transition does not have to be managed internally or alone. My initial purpose in starting Boomers Transitions, was to create the closest thing to a solution for uncomfortable and unavoidable stages of life. I have been in the position of coordinating the relocation and transition of my own loved one that I could have been a more pleasant experience. 



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