It's All About The Seniors, Baby

December 6, 2017


Welcome to Boomers Transitions first blog post; thank you to those of you reading!

I write with confidence when I say that not one person reading this is the same as the next person reading, would you agree? We live in a world where people aim to set themselves apart from each other or highlight what makes them different forgetting two very important things that we ALL have in common; we are all human and, let’s say it, we all age!

A vast majority of people, myself included, go through the “every days” such as finding a job, changing jobs, working, changing diapers, grocery shopping, paying the bills, waiting in line for the next iPhone -or android, going to the DMV, maintaining your car, taking the garbage out (I’ll stop there because we all know what I’m talking about) — I get it, you’ve got responsibilities, we all have responsibilities, but a great responsibility that is frequently overlooked is legacy, love and respect we owe to our elders. When is the last time you sat back and appreciated your family? It’s all about the senior’s baby! There would be no us without them! Let’s dig deeper into that thought, everyone has their own definition of family or dynamic of family, think about where and how your dynamic came from; it all boils down to the

seniors. We can’t allow our “every days” hinder our appreciation or loyalty. Tis the season to be grateful

I always ask, “If you are blessed to see 65+, what is your ideal scenario? How would you like to be treated? And what lifestyle do you envision?”

I challenge my readers to consider these questions and answer them honestly within themselves. Regardless of the “every days” and busy life; “It’s All about the Seniors Baby”. 

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